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RSA Authentification Manger 7.1 SP4 – Configure Primary- and Replicaserver

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Here are some commands to configure the primary- and the replica server:

I am using the rsautil tool for this operation. You can find it in the directory: C:\Program Files\RSA Security\RSA Authentication Manager\utils


With this command you setup the server to a primary server:


rsautil setup-replication -m yoursuperadminpasswordhere -a set-primary -V



 Setup Replication ims-2.0.4-build20101208044128

Copyright (C) 2010 RSA Security Inc. All rights reserved.


%% Running at: testserver:[kcsdgqh5] %%



%       Setting up Primary Site       %



Port      : 2334

DB name   : kcsdgqh5

DB host   : testserver. de

Instance  : testserver. de

Site name : testserver. de


Is this correct (Y/N): y


%% Starting configuration

— Configuring primary

— Setting up queues at [kcsdgqh5]

— Adding [AM] supplemental logging at [kcsdgqh5]

— Adding [IMS] supplemental logging at [kcsdgqh5]

— Executing [AM] primary scripts at [kcsdgqh5]

— Executing [AM] common scripts at [kcsdgqh5]

— Registering primary information

— Executing [IMS] primary scripts at [kcsdgqh5]



You add the Replica server with the following command:



rsautil setup-replication -m yoursuperadminpasswordhere -a add-replica-online -f C:/RSA/Testserver2-replica.pkg -V


You can check your Replication status via

rsautil setup-replication -a report -m yoursuperadminpasswordhere

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